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      Established in July 1992, Strawberry Soft, Inc. aims to build a superb learning environment for the children in the Chinese-speaking countries utilizing state-of-art technology. In order for our children, parents and teachers alike to experience the magical touch of the digital tools and the joys of learning, BerrySoft has not only recruited world-famous products from all over the world, but also devoted its most sincere effort to tailor-made various learning products according to the needs and feedback received from customers. It was BerrySoft's firm belief that it was only through a healthy and pleasant learning environment can our children be truly motivated and benefit from education.
      BerrySoft's scheme is to invite the most welcomed cartoon characters to guide our children in the virtual reality world throughout different stages of learning. In this learning wonderland, children can have as much fun as possible accompanied by their favorite friends from the Disney world, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, and Aladin. Top with elegant princesses and adorable Barbie dolls along with self-innovated characters by Berrysoft, such as McCarthy, Jack, Cary, Blue and Onigini, children are indulged with the fun and the privilege of growing up in the most joyful ambience created exclusively by BerrySoft.
      BerrySoft holds the mission of providing quality digital products in a timely manner, therefore, we are highly confident that learning will be enjoyable and unforgettable in children's mind.

By the two joint circles, BerrySoft expresses the efforts devoted by parents to raise their precious child.
      The independent circle stands for the beloved child growing up under the strong wings of their parents, and gradually become a distinguished individual.
      BerrySoft's position is not only the expert of digital learning, but also the guardian of every child hoping that by the joint effort of parents and BerrySoft, children can grow up happily and have the ability to share and spread the love and caring experience to other parts of the world.