Press Release

BerrySoft launched the latest education website for primary school students-BerrySKY permanent study system (2006/02/28)
Strawberry Software, INC. launched BerrySKY online e-learning website In June,2005. Breaking through traditional method of education and learning, we directly link preschool with primary school and middle school education to ensure continuous education and learn step one step. Through e-learning on BerrySKY website, the educative goal will be got to make endless and happy learning. In Feb,2006 we launched BerrySKY permanent learning system enable more BerrySoft members to learn under safer, wiser and more considerate study circumstances.

News releases

2006/01/15 BerrySoft launched Magic Exam-suitably designed for Tutorial School, specially for school and tutorial class
2006/01/05 BerrySoft INC. ,as Disney agent, launch "Chicken little"-super-cool 3D e-game (economy double-disc) into Taiwan market
2006/01/05 BerrySoft INC. ,as Disney agent, launch "Narnia"-super-cool 3D e-game (edition binding ,four-disc) into Taiwan market
2005/08/23 The latest "Building Dream Park"of Bob The Builder series, a well-known cartoon game, which was authorized by the BBC, is going on the market!
2005/08/20 BerrySoft launched the latest website of primary education - BerrySKY
2005/07/29 Strawberry Software's new plan: to launch a reciprocal courses website, designed for baby-learning - Aero Cat Web of developing babies' potential
2004/04/01 Strawberry Software, Inc. Unveiled New Corporate Identity, Expressing Love and Caring for Children