Press Release

  BerrySoft launched Magic Exam-suitably designed for Tutorial School, specially for school and tutorial class
      BerrySoft formally launches study system of Magic Exam for tutorial school-suitably designed for Tutorial School, specially for school and tutorial class. Magic Exam adopts plenty of children digital teaching materials from Strawberry Software, and we specially design the course for children by professional management platform , united digital learning and traditional study into one way. There are three learning methods as following: inverted learning, experience learning and encourage learning; all of those systematical circumstance are researched and developed by Strawberry Software, INC. Through such systematical learning, we believe that the students can challenge themselves who are taught by you.

1 Inverted learning

      Breaking through traditional didactical program, we create the inverted learning. We adopt online tests and test papers to know children's level. Through those systematical analyses, the teachers can adjust course's content and continuously enhance children's thinking and judgment power, consequently, children can breezily learn more at school. Teach students in accordance of their aptitude to achieve the best study effect.

2 Experience learning

      Having learned how to ride a bicycle and you will never how to ride it . The teachers make children think and practice from the game and the method of experiences in person; heuristically teach them how to think and practice for the study effect. The United States educators think that children's learning should be repeated at least three times, but, absolutely, our training should be taken more than three times.

3 Encourage learning

      Game permission of parents means the great encouragement to children. There are many interesting interaction in the game evaluation system, By obtaining glory and encouragement method, kids can bravely accept the challenge on study.